Support for Non-Chinese Speaking Students

Points for Non-Chinese Speaking Students

The school's non-Chinese speaking student support program has been promoted for many years. Student learning and parent support have always been the focus of the program. The two complement each other and are the result of home-school cooperation.

In terms of student support, we have purchased a variety of learning resources based on years of experience and students' learning needs, such as a variety of interactive learning materials, Chinese alphabet writing formulas, and point reading pens. In addition, a number of experiential learning activities to understand the community have been planned. Students learn by completing different tasks to enrich their understanding of the community environment and the application of community facilities. In addition, according to the learning situation of non-Chinese speaking students, our school provides individual or group support mode, closely follows up students' difficulties in understanding texts or Chinese homework, and examines their learning difficulties, so as to help them integrate into the learning progress of large Chinese classes. Our school also participated in the School-based Support Program of the Education Bureau to support non-Chinese speaking students in learning Chinese earlier. The teaching content of the design unit "Situational Learning: Environmental Protection Detective" has been included in Chapter 8 of "Non-Chinese Speaking Students with Intellectual Disabilities Learning Chinese Teaching Resources and Unit Design Examples" Inside.

In terms of parent support, the group regularly organizes activities such as non-Chinese speaking parent support communication meetings and non-Chinese speaking parent guidance and support groups. On the one hand, it promotes home-school cooperation, and on the other hand, it strengthens parents’ understanding and skills in caring for non-Chinese speaking students with special learning needs. Our school provides English versions of all major school announcements. Class teachers will assist parents of non-Chinese speaking students to understand the content of school announcements. If necessary, non-Chinese teaching assistants can be arranged for oral translation. The school regularly organizes parent days, parent seminars and other related activities to let parents of non-Chinese speaking students know about their children's learning progress and the support provided by the school.

In terms of building an inclusive campus, the school has added elements of non-Chinese-speaking culture and language to the campus environment, held online sharing activities for non-Chinese-speaking culture inclusiveness, and sharing morning meetings on the inclusiveness of non-Chinese-speaking cultures.

In short, we hope to establish a trustworthy support network for non-Chinese speaking parents in our school. In this network, we can appreciate, support and encourage each other, and ultimately let our children grow better in learning Chinese!